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Prechter's Perspective
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Prechters perspective


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  • Prechter’s Perspective gives you more than an inside look at the man named “Guru of the Decade” after winning the U.S. Trading Championship with a record 444.44% profit.
  • Prechter’s Perspective compiles actual trading knowledge from a career that took Bob Prechter three decades to build. You’ll get Bob’s thoughts on how Fibonacci ratios can help you time the markets and when to use risk-limiting stops. You’ll get his tips on ruling out emotional tendencies and using discipline to keep the markets in your favor.
  • This book gives you lots of detail about the markets over the last 25 years, but it’s more than just a history lesson. Bob also teaches you about how the Wave Principle applies to anticipating the legacies of national leaders, trend changes in pop culture and the next big move in the markets (plus the little ones, too).
Name of the book Prechter's Perspective
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The book very much interested by investors dealing stocks & commodities and technical analysts.

No. of pages 220 +
Item description Book of Conversations with Bob Prechter, Legendary Market Theorist.
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Table of Contents

Prechter’s Perspective

v Acknowledgments

viii Foreword

1. Explanations

1 Prechter Meets Elliott

28 How Markets Behave

33 What is the Elliott Wave Principle?

62 Fibonacci Rules

78 An Elliott Wave Wave

86 Riding a Cycle

2. Applications

92 Money Making Rules for the Investor

121 Putting Elliott Wave to Work in the Markets

131 Diversification and Other Myths

156 Technical vs. Conventional Approaches

3. Implications

168 Society and the Grand Supercycle

174 The Economy

184 The Cultural Realm

196 Politics, Inclusionism and War

214 A Giant Leap Forward

222 Sources

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